lotto six japan results

On the left picture: Japan Loto 6 blank coupon play-slip, used by Loto 6 lotto fans, when they play this lotto locally.
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From the other side, lottery raised funds was used after natural disasters like, the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 year, to help local governments rebuild destroyed houses, roads and infrastructure.
We really hope that you are going to win many top and smaller prizes, playing Japan Loto 6 lotto game.You will be able to pay by various payment methods, like: bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Trustly, Paysafe and some more.Todays lottery system started right after World War 2 in 1945.Category Numbers, Fixed Prize.Japan's Lotto 6, otherwise called, takarakuji, was first time played on October 5, 2000.The Internet offers a wide array of pubg miramar casino location benefits that lotto games fans from all over the World can enjoy.Japanese government formed then, the so-called Takarakuji, the first state lottery in Japan, with the very first lottery tickets was issued on October 29th, 1945.So, lottery players could win cigarettes, alcohol, pocket watches, clothes, bicycles, sewing machines and even houses.Match up five numbers and the odds become 1:1.01 million.This include raising funds to build sport facilities used during 1964 Tokyo Olimpic Games.The odds of winning the smallest prize are 1:39 and there are big chances that you are going to hit the minimum three main numbers.Not many people around the World knows that, funds raised from selling Loto 6 lottery tickets, were used to build many famous public projects.

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This Japanese lottery allow jackpots to rollover and grow until it is won, leading to prizes that sometimes exceeding equivalent of 50 million.
Every week eager players flock to one of 15,000 Mizuho (Japanese lottery booths) to purchase their tickets for the big game on Thursday nights.Over the years Loto 6 has paid out billions of yen to lucky players!Jackpots and prizes are paid in cash.The collection of prizes not only included cash, but also many goods and products.Proceeds from all Japanese lotto games go toward a variety of local charities.Thats right, lotto winnings in Japan are tax exempt!Mizuho ticket booths are in fact, a very popular lottery tickets point of sale in Japan.The cost will be displayed within the Number Picker page as you make your picks and the resulting ticket.The odds of picking all six winning numbers are 1 in 6 million.Japan has one of the oldest lottery systems on earth, dating back to the 17th Century.Lottery around the world, and choose your favourite game.It also welcomes in personal happiness and harmony.The first option is a subscription.

The Winnings payable in respect of each Winning Bet in Prize Categories 5 and 6 are fixed as per the table.
The odds of hitting the jackpot in Japan's Loto 6, are 1 in 6,096,454.
On the right picture: figure of Maneki Neko.