China plate - Rhyming slang for a 'mate'.
It is a sad fact that casino shop besancon Aussie slang is gradually being blotted out by American-isms.
Whirl (give it a) - Have a go at something.Scungy - A dirty person of a small portion.Grub - Dirty or untidy person.Has a few palings missing tirage loto du 31 juillet 2018 from the fence - Mentally unstable.Blowie - Blow fly.Good-oh - Exclamation of satisfaction.Coffin nail - Cigarette.Bite on (to put the) - Pressure someone for money.Won't ghana lotto resultat vag east have a bar of - Have nothing to do with.Waterhole - Local pub / hotel.Not an earthly - No chance at all.

Same as loony bin.
Wobbly (to chuck a) - Lose your temper.
(Something I have never experienced).
'And to add insult to injury she said I was ugly!' Aerial ping pong - Australian Rules Football.Weak as piss - Very weak.Stretch - Nickname for a tall person.Boomerang - A rubber cheque (they bounce).Don't come the raw prawn - Don't try to trick.People born in Ohio know that sweeping the living room means that you break out that Hoover and suck up all that dirt.Bitser - Mongrel dog.

Four mile wailer - Loud siren used to alert volunteer fire fighters.