Zipp 505 58mm deep carbon/aluminum clincher.
The drop-down menu at the ou toucher gain loto top has the parameters for a large number of popular hub motors, so if your motor is on this list then you should be set.
If for instance you require a 5mm spacer on the right axle to fit a larger freewheel than what the motor was designed for, then you could do.5mm hub shift to the left in order to properly center the hub as it will.
Right Flange Offset Spoke Count Spoke Hole Diameter.
Do not edit the data unless you really know what you're doing!Rim Width: This is the outer width of the rim and only affects the way that the rim is drawn in the edge view diagram, it is not involved in the spoke length calculations.If you head over to the hub and rim measurements page, you'll be able to enter new hub models.In a heavily dished wheel, you can sometimes have upwards of 80 of the tension in the more vertical spokes.We will use them to deliver a personal experience as well as using Google analytics to help improve the site.Right Elbow: This determines if your right side spokes have their elbows on the inside or outside of the flange.The Spoke Calculator shows not only the theoretical left and right spoke lengths, but also the tension ratio and spoke angle into the rim.Hub Shift: Use this field to shift the hub left or right relative to the rim.# Spokes: Almost all hub motors are drilled for 36 spokes.Spoke Length Calculator Stats, hello.

Front hubs with disk brakes often have their flanges further to the right to leave room for the disk caliper, and so have a positive dishing offset.
Hub Database, there are 94 hub manufactures in the database with a total of 757 hubs to choose from.
Left/Right Spoke Length: Although the calculator shows to the nearest.1mm, in practice your spokes can be - 1mm from the optimum length and still work just fine, and -2mm will still function but it's less than ideal.The further this ratio deviates from 50:50, the more you put all the wheel tension on just one side of the spoke set, and the more likely you are to break those spokes.The right and left flange offsets are measured differently to other sites and will result with spoke lengths being around.5mm to 2mm too short.Hub Model, for brands like Chris King, specify LD.If you are using a 3rd party rim, then usually there is no problem looking up the ERD and offset specifications from the manufacturer or measuring them yourself.Zipp 520 82mm deep carbon/aluminum clincher.Flange Diameter: This is the diameter of the circle of spoke holes on the motor flange.(Or, starting at the "beginning at index" specified below.).Place imported wheels beginning at index.Copy and paste the text below into a blank text file in your favorite text editor.We generally recommend elbows outside except in cases where you have a small rim diameter or need to facilitate dishing by having all left elbows in, and all right elbows out.Read the privacy policy.Small geared hubs can be laced into large diameter ( 26 rims with a double cross pattern OK, and large direct drive motors in small ( 20 rims usually can only be laced radially with 0 cross.ERD: This is the most essential measurement for determining the spoke length required for a particular rim.

Left Offset: This is the distance from the center of the rim to the left side spoke holes.
Dishing Offset: This is the distance between the midpoint between the spoke flanges and the midpoint of the axle.